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WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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November 27, 2019

The humble pod system has evolved quite a bit since it first hit the market a couple of years ago, and few hardware brands have managed to take this system to new heights quite like SMOK. The SMOKTech Fetch Mini is perhaps their most advanced and impressive pod system to date, boasting loads of high-end features, stunning technology and a truly exceptional visual design.

This powerful pod system borrows much of its aesthetic from the box mod systems that we’re used to, only the kit is much smaller, being pocket-friendly as well as lightweight. Still, the construction is highly durable, making it a very reliable piece of vaping hardware. Glass panels make the chassis a thing of beauty. 

It can reach a whopping 40 watts, which is more than impressive for this type of vaping system. This amazing power comes from its integrated 1100mAh battery that’s long-lasting. The mod boasts a comprehensive display screen and navigation buttons that allow you to explore a plethora of output options, and it features fast-firing technology as well as safety features.

The pod cartridge that comes with this kit is refillable, and has a capacity of 3.7 milliliters, which is quite generous to say the least. You’ll be able to enjoy our salt nic e-liquids like never before thanks to the brilliant RPM Coil Technology.  Comes with two coils: 0.4ohm RPM Mesh and the 0.6ohm Nord DC Coils.

How to Use the SMOKTech Fetch Mini

Step #1: First, remove the mod, cartridge and coils from the box, leaving everything else contained. Store the box somewhere safe as you may need the parts at a later time.

Step #2: Fully charge the mod, waiting until the light blinks green to indicate a full charge.

Step #3: While the mod is charging, prepare your cartridge. First, select which coil you’d like to use, and install it accordingly into the pod cartridge. Then, fill your pod cartridge with vape juice, making sure not to overfill. Allow the cartridge to sit for a few minutes so that the coil can thoroughly absorb the e-liquid. Step #4: Attach your freshly filled pod cartridge to your fully charged pod mod. Use the display screen to adjust your output settings according to your needs. Now, you can press the firing button on the mod to enjoy your first delicious hit. Adjust your wattage if need be to customize your vape further.

There are two types of pod mod users: those who want convenience and simplicity, and those who desire the very best in terms of performance and customization. If you’re of the latter group, the Fetch Mini is absolutely for you.

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