Quick E-Liquid Nicotine Levels Tutorial Quick E-Liquid Nicotine Levels Tutorial

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September 07, 2018

Below is a list of different levels of nicotine that are found in the bottles of e-juice regarding what the user would be able to handle or is preferred for their specific nic strength.

0mg or 0mL of Nicotine

When this is seen on the bottle then it means that the mixture contains no nicotine. This fits people that have quit smoking but still has an oral fixation which the electronic cigarette can fix.

3mg and 6mg or 3ml and 6mL of Nicotine

The smallest amount of nicotine that can be found in a bottle other than containing no nicotine at all in their mixture. This level of nicotine is for smokers that are in what is known as their last step of quitting the process of smoking.

12mg or 12mL of Nicotine

This is a median-low to a vaper attempting to stop smoking cigarettes. People that smoke cigarettes but not a pack a day would prefer this juice level.

18 mg or 18mL of Nicotine

In the middle of the quitting process this is the most preferred for smokers who may smoke a pack every two days. At this level a smoker that enjoys a pack every two days of nicotine will enjoy this level of vapor.

24mg or 24mL + of Nicotine

This level is known as a high level of nicotine that is suitable for a pack-a-day smoker to enjoy nicotine at a high comfort level.

Whichever nicotine strength you choose, Swagg Suace has what you need, be it in a freebased or salt-based e-liquid form for your vaping pleasure.

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