Portable and Cool Looking: SMOK NORD ULTRA PORTABLE KIT

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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April 17, 2019

The SMOK Nord Ultra Portable Kit is perhaps the most advanced pod system that we’ve come across so far.  Besides the fact that it boasts a massive battery capacity and a huge juice capacity, it’s compatible with both salt nic and freebase nic e-juices, making it highly versatile and fully capable of satisfying every vaper’s needs.  Additionally, it has a uniquely stylish design that makes it extremely attractive.  Lastly, this kit is highly portable despite its many exciting features, making it great for vapers who want something convenient that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

The SMOK Nord Ultra Portable Kit is quickly becoming the most covetable vaping system of the year thanks to its multitude of one-of-a-kind features and its striking look.  This highly portable system is slim enough to slip into the pocket of your pants comfortably.  It feels great in the hand thanks to its unique shape.  And, the duck-billed mouthpiece feels absolutely heavenly against the lips.  Visually, this kit is truly striking.  The patterned panels give it a futuristic, modern look that has a luxurious edge. 

What’s highly impressive about this pod kit is that it contains a 1100mAh battery that can last all day long and give you the massive amount of vapor that you crave.  This is one of the most powerful batteries that’s ever been put into a pod system.  Despite its high capacity, it charges very quickly so you can get back to vaping in no time.  It also features a firing button for easy vapor delivery.

The pod cartridge can hold a whopping three milliliters of e-liquid.  It comes with a 1.40hm standard coil and a 0.6ohm mesh coil so that you can decide whether you want to use freebase nic vape juice for a sub-ohm vape or salt nic e-liquid for a MTL experience.

Stylish, advanced and versatile, the SMOK Nord Ultra Portable Kit won’t leave you disappointed.

How to Use the SMOK Nord Ultra Portable Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know more about this kit, here is how you use it:

Step #1: Remove the SMOK Nord Ultra from its packaging.  Locate the mod, the pod cartridge and the coils.

Step #2: Find the charging port on the base of the pod mod.  Now, insert a charging cable into the port and allow the battery to reach a full charge.  Once the LED light turns green, you’ll know that it’s done charging.

Step #3: While the device is still charging, choose which type of vaping experience you’d like to have and insert your coil accordingly.  Now, fill your pod cartridge with either freebase nic or salt nic e-liquid depending on which coil you’ve installed.  Allow the pod cartridge to sit for five minutes so that the coil is properly primed.  This will prevent dry hits and other unwanted effects of a dry coil.

Step #4: Now, it’s time to connect your pod cartridge to your fully charged mod.  Make sure that the cartridge snaps into the mod so that it’s properly connected.

Final Step: Press the firing button to take a hit off of your device.  Now, you can enjoy a nice, long vape session.  Once the light on your unit turns yellow, it’s time to give it a charge. 

Truly Sophisticated Pod Mod

The SMOK Nord Ultra Portable Kit is conveniently portable yet as advanced as they come.  Whether you want a sub-ohm vaping experience or the perfect dose of potent nicotine salts with every puff, this kit can satisfy your needs.  And, with its amazing visual design, it will make you the envy of your vaping buddies without a doubt.

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