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April 14, 2019

If you’re looking for a remarkably convenient and uniquely stylish way to get the perfect amount of nicotine throughout the day, look no further than the SMOK Novo Ultra Portable Kit.  This luxurious vaping system comes from one of the best brands in the business and features everything you could possibly ask for if you’re trying to find a way to replace your cigarette habit.  Plus, it’s got a gorgeous look that makes it stand out among the rest as a stunningly appealing piece of vaping hardware.

The SMOK Novo Ultra Portable Kit is a conveniently portable pod mod system that can fit into any pocket easily.  This device is about as small as they come, boasting a remarkably slim shape and a very small size.  It’s also extremely lightweight despite its durable construction.  Therefore, you won’t have any trouble taking it with you wherever you go.  The cobra resin panels catch the light beautifully and give this vaping system its high-end look that will make you the envy of your vaping friends.

Despite its compact size, the Novo Ultra Portable Kit is powerful enough to handle your daily vaping needs.  That’s because there’s a 450mAh battery built into the mod.  Therefore, you won’t have to be looking for a charging cable every couple of hours.  And, when it is time to charge, you’ll enjoy the extremely convenient charging method that allows your device to be operational again in under one hour.

This draw-activated pod system comes with a refillable pod cartridge that can take any salt nic e-liquid.  It has a capacity of two milliliters, meaning that most vapers will be able to vape all day long without having to refill.  Refilling, by the way, is super easy thanks to the convenient filling mechanism.  And, lastly, vapers will love the fact that this kit requires no use of buttons whatsoever, making it user-friendly enough for even absolute beginners.

How to Use the SMOK Novo Ultra Portable Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know more about this kit, here is how you use it:

Step #1: Remove the Novo Ultra Portable from its packaging.  You’ll find the mod and also the pod cartridge located in the box.

Step #2: Find the USB charging port on the bottom of the Novo.  Now, plug your USB charging cable into the charging port.  Allow the device to reach a full charge.  When the LED light on the mod turns green, you’ll know that your device is ready to be used.

Step #3: While your mod is charging, fill the pod cartridge with the salt-based e-liquid of your choice.  Locate the fill port and insert the spout of your vape juice bottle.  Once you’re done filling, allow the pod cartridge to sit for about five minutes.  This will ensure that the wick of the internal coil is properly saturated with vape juice.  If you don’t do this step, you’ll likely end up with some unsatisfying dry hits.

Final Step: Now, you can vape at last.  Simply attach the pod cartridge to the fully charged mod.  Then, pull on the mouthpiece to take a nice, big hit.  You should get a satisfying dose of salt-based nicotine and a smooth, delicious and rich flavor.  When the LED light on the mod turns yellow, know that you’re going to want to recharge the mod sometime soon.

Easy to Use and Incredibly Luxurious

Truly a very convenient way to vape while providing you with a powerful dose of nicotine makes the Novo Ultra Portable Kit a perfect setup. In fact, leave it to a brand like SMOK to deliver such an impressive piece of hardware in the form of a small, all-in-one pod system.

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