December 12, 2017

The Phix Vape Pack of Four Pods allows you to seamlessly switch between your favorite e-juice flavors without the mess and inconvenience. Designed to work with the Phix Starter Kit, each of the pods easily screws into place so that you can resume vaping in no time. The four flavors are made with food grade ingredients for maximum quality. With five percent nicotine, you'll get that satisfying hit to the throat with every puff.

Hard Strawberry

If you're a fruit lover, Hard Strawberry will overwhelm you with satisfaction. This luscious strawberry flavor has just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your sugar cravings. The fresh strawberry taste will refresh you just like a handful of plump and juicy strawberries.

On the inhale, Hard Strawberry makes the tongue tingle thanks to the tart and tangy flavor notes of the berry. The flavor becomes sweeter as it rests on the tongue. When you exhale, intense strawberry flavor quenches your thirst.


Menthol fanatics will fall in love with Spearmint. This e-liquid flavor is clean and exhilarating. The freshness of the mint flavor will make you feel like your mouth is full of freshly-picked spearmint leaves.

When you inhale Spearmint, tingly mint flavor cools down your palate. When you exhale, the mint flavor becomes slightly sweet as you feel remarkably refreshed.

Butterscotch Tobacco

Butterscotch Tobacco allows you to enjoy two of your very favorite tastes at the same time. This outstandingly rich tobacco flavor is enhanced with the sweet and buttery taste of real butterscotch.

When you inhale Butterscotch Tobacco, robust tobacco flavor will satisfy your cravings at once. With each exhale, a drizzle of creamy and sugary butterscotch will intoxicate your sweet tooth.

Ice Tobacco

Just like your favorite menthol cigarette, Ice Tobacco invigorates the tongue with a blend of rich tobacco and icy mint. This flavor tastes incredibly authentic and is guaranteed to please you as much as the real thing.

As you inhale Ice Tobacco, smooth and slightly nutty tobacco flavor makes its way to the back of your throat. When you exhale, a gust of cold menthol chills you in the best way possible.


The Phix Vape Pack of Four Pods provides vape enthusiasts with a variety of stunning flavors that can easily be switched out at any time. Thanks to this innovative technology, you can say goodbye to messy vaping at last.

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