Oh Chronus Baby, This Kit is Awesome! Swagg Sauce Oh Chronus Baby, This Kit is Awesome!

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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December 03, 2019

Sigelei is one of those vape hardware brands that has distinguished themselves from the rest by producing high-end products that are more reliable, technologically advanced and durable than the rest.  The Sigelei Chronus Baby Kit is the latest vaping system that we’ve added to our collection of hardware, and it’s easily one of the most impressive that we’ve come across so far thanks to its many one-of-a-kind features and its flawless design elements.

In terms of its visual presentation, the Chronus Baby Kit satisfies on every level.  It’s small enough to fit into many pockets and purse compartments, yet it’s clearly robust in terms of its construction.  Despite its lightweight build, this is a highly durable vaping system, as we’ve come to expect with this stellar brand.  It also boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that’s absolutely stunning to look at.
Conveniently, the Chronus Baby Kit has a 2000mAh battery that’s built into the mod, making it easier to recharge your device.  This battery is extremely powerful, and it’s more than capable of satisfying your cloud-chasing needs.  The advanced chipset technology for which the brand is known really shines in this kit, allowing for a host of safety features as well as output features that don’t normally appear on this type of vaping device.  It also boasts a TCR mode that lets users customize their experience in a multitude of ways.

The Chronus Baby Kit comes with the Sigelei Shikra Baby Sub-Ohm Tank, a 5.5ml tank that features a generously adjustable airflow ring and a top-threaded system.  The tank includes two coils: the 0.28ohm WF Mini Coil and the 0.2ohm MS-M Mesh Coil.  Each one fits with a unique wattage range and produces slightly different results in terms of flavor, cloud production and throat hit.

At Swagg Sauce, we want you to enjoy our delicious flavors to their fullest potential.  We’re happy to report that the Sigelei Chronus Baby Kit makes our flavors taste even bolder, richer, cleaner and complex than what we thought was possible.

How to Use the Sigelei Chronus Baby Kit

Step #1: Remove the mod and tank from the box, and choose whether you wish to use the mesh coil that’s installed in the tank, or the standard coil that’s included in the box.  Leave the spare parts and user manual in the box for a later time.

Step #2: Charge your mod until the light turns green.  While it’s charging, prime your coil and fill your tank with vape juice.

Step #3: Attach the tank to the mod and adjust your settings as needed.  Then, enjoy a delicious puff of vapor.

If you’re looking for a mid-wattage, portable vaping system that gives you satisfying clouds without any hassle, this is the kit that you need.

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