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WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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December 27, 2019

Who isn’t familiar with Beard Vape Co?  These guys have been impressing us with absolutely stunning, high-quality and truly nuanced flavors for years, and many e-liquid enthusiasts count them among the very best vape juice manufacturers of all time.  Beard Vape Co has released a sister brand called The One, and it’s just as phenomenal as their original line of e-liquids.  And, at Swagg Sauce, we’ve got this collection for those who wish to tantalize their taste buds in ways that they never knew were possible.

Much like the e-liquids from the predecessor line, the vape juices from The One are noticeably complex and rich in flavor when compared to other e-liquids that are on the market.  This is a brand that takes their recipes seriously, and you can tell after the first puff that they exercise culinary skill in a way that few companies can match.  The end result is a collection of outrageously tasty e-liquids that hit the spot when nothing else will do.

Another thing that makes The One unique is that they create highly layered flavors that captivate our taste buds in a way that we didn’t know was possible.  They’ve designed their recipes to ensure that each taste bud has something to sing about, whether it’s by indulging in a lusciously buttery, flaky pastry loaded with slow-cooked fruit, or a unique fusion of fluffy doughnuts, sugary cereal and smooth, creamy milk.  Their selection of vape juices is ever-growing, and each new offering excites the palate in a whole new way.  Best of all, we can vape these tempting flavors to our heart’s content without having to count the calories or worry about what the sugar is doing to our teeth.

If you’re in the mood for a decadent treat that will keep your sweet tooth happy and your mouth watering, check out the line of vape juice flavors from The One here at Swagg Sauce.  We know that you’re going to fall in love with this brand like we did, and that you’ll find plenty of new e-liquids to add to your rotation.

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