WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Mr. Salt-E Juice 30ML 45mg

What's not to love about nicotine salts? Thanks to this brilliant discovery, we can enjoy high nicotine levels without that dreaded harsh sensation that burns the throat. This type of nicotine absorbs into the bloodstream more quickly, providing us with a pleasant buzz that is like that of a cigarette.

Of course, no matter what the nicotine situation is, the juice must taste good. Luckily, Mr. Salt-E has come to town to provide nicotine lovers with satisfying, high-quality flavors. This means that we can enjoy our very favorite e-liquid flavors while getting that nicotine rush that we crave.

The vape juices from Mr. Salt-E are all made with food grade ingredients. These juices are praised by vape enthusiasts for being incredibly smooth and full of exquisite flavor. The wide variety of flavors guarantees that you'll find the perfect e-liquid for your taste buds' individual needs. Whether you want refreshing fruits or rich tobacco, Mr. Salt-E is here to make your vaping fantasies come to life.

Blue Razz Lemonade

Only as a vape enthusiast can you indulge in two of your favorite sugary tastes at once and not take in a single ounce of sugar. Blue Razz Lemonade vape juice is a thirst-quenching blend of zesty lemonade and sour blue raspberry hard candies. Your mouth will pucker, and your sweet tooth will be in heaven as these flavorful clouds soak into your palate. On the inhale, Blue Razz Lemonade e-juice punches each taste bud with unbelievably sour blue raspberry candy flavor. Slowly, the succulent blue raspberry taste becomes sugary sweet as its berry notes blossom. Then, the tang of lemonade washes your tongue. On exhale, the lemonade becomes sweet as the raspberry taste lingers.

Cotton Candy

Is there anyone on the planet who can resist a puffy cloud of sugary cotton candy? Thanks to Cotton Candy vape juice from Mr. Salt-E Juice, we can stuff our faces with that sweet flavor and not worry about the calories. As the vapor passes over the taste buds, you'll feel like those wisps of sugar are melting into the tongue. When you inhale Cotton Candy e-juice, that sweet taste hits you instantly, bringing back your favorite memories of going to the carnival. The sugary cotton candy flavor has that caramelized taste that you crave. When you exhale, the sweetness lingers on the tongue.

Grapple Melon

If you're all about those luscious blends of fruit flavors, Grapple Melon vape juice belongs in your juice collection. This glorious e-liquid is a symphony of grape, apple and melon flavors that will cool down your tongue and take care of your thirst. With every inhale of Grapple Melon e-juice, the smooth melon flavor washes over your palate with its enchanting crispness. The melon taste becomes sweeter as a rush of juicy grapes enters the picture. When you exhale, sweet apple juice drenches every inch of your mouth.

Grapple Melon Ice

Grapple Melon Ice vape juice is a fruit blend that's been infused with cold menthol. The result is an outstandingly refreshing flavor that will never leave your side during the warm summer months. The fruit flavors are fresh and clean tasting, ensuring maximum pleasure. With every inhale of Grapple Melon Ice e-juice, a splash of melon juice invigorates each taste bud. Then, a stream of sweet grape juice washes away your worries. On the exhale, smooth apple juice quenches your thirst before that blast of cold menthol makes your mouth tingle.


Mint vape juice provides the palate with nothing but cool, refreshing mint flavor. This vape juice acts like a breath mint, cooling down the entire mouth while providing you with fresh breath. The mint is as intense as it gets. Each inhale of Mint e-juice washes the mouth with exhilarating peppermint flavor. As each taste bud quivers, the peppermint's subtle sweetness comes through. When you exhale, an ice bath chills every single centimeter of your palate.


Could you eat bowl after bowl of sweet, fruity cereal every single day? If the answer is yes, you owe it to yourself to try Munchies vape juice. This magical e-liquid perfectly captures that delectable taste that makes us feel like kids again. When you inhale Munchies e-juice, the fruity taste of that beloved cereal dominates. The fruits continue to enchant your taste buds as the sugary sweetness slowly develops. When you exhale, an enormous splash of milk completes this special vaping experience.


If you enjoy a good mystery, Oops vape juice belongs in your collection. This flavor is so mysterious that no one has been able to determine exactly what it is. However, the sweetness of the flavor is guaranteed to delight you as the flavorful clouds pass over the taste buds.

Orange Mango Guava

Who can resist a blend of tropical fruits? Orange Mango Guava vape juice is a special fruit blend that makes you feel like you're on a glorious beach on an island that's far away from home. The flavors are sweet and tangy, soaking the palate with fruity goodness. With every inhale of Orange Mango Guava e-juice, a bath of mango juice floods the mouth. The mango flavor has those tantalizing notes of tang that make the mouth water.  The mango flavor becomes sweeter as a twist of fresh orange juice adds balance. When you exhale, sweet guava flavor provides an extra dose of sugar.


If you want to feel like you've got a mouthful of juicy strawberries in your mouth, you owe it to yourself to pick up Strawberry vape juice from Mr. Salt-E Juice. This luscious strawberry flavor tastes exactly like strawberries that were picked only hours ago. The variety of flavor notes creates a journey of tastes for the palate that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. As you inhale Strawberry e-juice, the tang from the ripe strawberries is apparent. A hint of tartness adds complexity to the flavor while giving it authenticity. The strawberry juice runs down the tongue to quench your thirst before becoming sugary sweet on the exhale.

Strawmelon Custard

There's nothing like a good custard flavor that makes our dessert-related dreams come true. Strawmelon Custard vape juice is a unique blend of flavors that will satisfy your need for sweets. The strawberry and watermelon flavors give you that blast of fruity goodness while the smooth custard adds decadence. With each inhale of Strawmelon Custard e-juice, the watermelon flavor teases your taste buds before a generous splash of fresh strawberry juice adds delightful sweetness. As the strawberry and watermelon flavors intensify, the smooth and silky custard trickles down the tongue. When you exhale, the custard's creaminess makes you feel like you've died and gone to dessert heaven.

Strawmelon Taffy

Strawmelon Taffy vape juice is the perfect e-liquid for candy lovers. The strawberry and watermelon tastes explode with juicy splendor as that taffy taste provides the sweet tooth with loads of sugary flavor. When you inhale Strawmelon Taffy e-juice, a blend of watermelon and strawberry flavors crawls across the mouth. The crisp and cool watermelon refreshes you while that sweet strawberry flavor entices your sweet tooth. When you exhale, the flavors become sugary thanks to that taffy taste.


Tobacco vape juice is guaranteed to give you that smooth and robust tobacco flavor that you crave. This flavor is incredibly nuanced, giving the tongue those nutty, earthy, sweet and rich notes that we associate with high-quality American tobacco crops. When you inhale Tobacco e-juice, those notes of nuttiness make you salivate as the earthy taste captivates your palate. As the tobacco-flavored clouds crawl across the tongue, the richness will satisfy you immensely. When you exhale, the tobacco's natural sweetness comes through.


Are you feeling thirsty? Nothing does the trick like a big glass of watermelon juice. If you love that crisp and sweet watermelon flavor, Watermelon vape juice will take care of your craving for that gloriously juicy fruit. On the inhale, Watermelon e-juice’s cool and crisp notes refresh you without overwhelming your palate. When you exhale, the watermelon's natural sweetness delights your sweet tooth and quenches your thirst.

Grab These Flavors Today!

Mr. Salt-E Juice has blessed us with delicious nicotine salt flavors that’re made with the best nicotine out there. Any of these flavors will take care of your sweet tooth while giving you that nicotine fix that you need.


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