April 18, 2018

JUUL E-CIG Device and USB Charger

Simply put, the JUUL E-Cig Device is one of the most sophisticated vaping devices that you'll ever get your hands on. This highly portable and advanced device continues to outsell all other vaping devices of its kind. At Swagg Sauce, you can grab the JUUL E-Cig Device and USB Charger at the best price in town.

If you're a part of the vaping community, it's likely that you've heard many people rave about JUUL. This brand has revolutionized the world of vaping by delivering a truly portable device that's compact, discreet and incredibly powerful. 

The JUUL Starter Kit makes vaping more convenient than ever. Instead of having to make a mess by refilling your tank with vape juice, all that you have to do is snap one of the brand's flavor pods into the top of the device and vape away. Each pod delivers as many puffs as approximately one pack of cigarettes.

Because of its simple design, those who are new to vaping won't feel intimidated by this device's technology. Advanced temperature control makes each hit consistently full and satisfying. You won't have to tinker around with complicated settings or take your device apart for maintenance.

A powerful battery is built into the JUUL E-Cig Device. This device charges in under one hour, allowing you to get back to your vaping in no time. This device comes with a USB charger that protects the longevity of your device's battery.

Many vapers love the JUUL because it's draw-activated, allowing them to feel like they're smoking an analog cigarette. How hard you pull determines how much vapor is produced. A simple light glows as you take a hit. This light also tells you how low your battery is running when you tap it twice with your finger.

The JUUL E-Cig Device takes e-liquid that is derived from nicotine salts. When you vape an e-liquid that's made with nicotine salts, you'll enjoy a more satisfying punch to the throat that makes you feel like you're smoking a cigarette. You'll also be able to enjoy a higher nicotine level without any unpleasant harshness.

For a user-friendly, portable device that boasts tremendous power, it's time to get your hands on the JUUL Vape Device and USB Charger at Swagg Sauce.

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