WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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April 29, 2019

Are you looking for the ultimate all-in-one pod system for all of your salt nic vaping needs?  The Vaporesso Renova Zero Ultra Portable Device is quickly becoming one of the best-selling pod systems of all-time thanks to its incredible ability to deliver the most satisfying vape possible.  This highly portable all-in-one open pod system lets you enjoy that potent blast of delicious nicotine while giving you astonishing flavor and a glorious amount of vapor.  And, thanks to its impressive technology, its performance is consistently astounding.

From a visual perspective, the Renova Zero is a masterpiece.  This incredibly slim vaping system is unbelievably small and features a unique, fresh look.  The curved lines make it attractive and streamlined while ensuring maximum comfort during those long vaping sessions.  And, the lightweight construction means that you’ll feel great keeping this baby in your pocket as you go about your day.  The bold colors make it a conversation piece as much as a practical piece of vaping hardware.

Beyond aesthetics, this kit is truly impressive.  The internal battery has a capacity of 650 mAh, meaning that most vapers will be able to enjoy all-day vaping before they have to recharge.  And, speaking of recharging, this battery will be ready to go after just 45 minutes so that you can get back to your pleasurable salt nic experience.  Additionally, a built-in temperature control system ensures that your coil stays evenly hot throughout the duration of your vapes, resulting in a consistent experience that gives you the perfect balance between flavor, throat hit and cloud production.

The environmentally friendly pod cartridge that comes with this kit can hold enough e-liquid to last most vapers all day.  It utilizes a coil that’s ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping so that you can get the most pleasure out of your salt nic experience.  And, this device is draw-activated so that you won’t need to tinker around with buttons while you try to get an enjoyable vape.

Using the Vaporesso Renova Zero Ultra Portable Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know more about this kit, here is how you use it:

Step #1: Take the Vaporesso Renova Zero Mod and its pod cartridge out of the box.  Leave all of the other components in the box and put the box somewhere safe.  You’ll probably want to have access to those extra components at a later time.

Step #2: Plug the pod mod into a charger.  The charging port is on the base of the device.  When the device has reached a full charge, the LED light indicator will turn green so that you know that it’s ready for use.

Step #3: It’s time to fill the pod cartridge with e-liquid.  This cartridge is only compatible with vape juices that contain nicotine salts.  To fill the cartridge, simply press the push-to-fill mechanism at the top of the pod.  This kit comes with a 10ml e-liquid bottle so that you can easily pour your e-liquid into the pod cartridge without making a mess.  Once it’s filled, allow it to sit for five minutes to prime the coil.

Final Step: Attach the pod cartridge to the device and turn it on using the power button.  Now, take a hit by simply drawing on the mouthpiece.

Highly Advanced Pod-Based Device

As you can see, the Vaporesso Renova Zero Ultra Portable Device is easy to use plus impressive in terms of performance.

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