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November 25, 2019

Glas Vapor has been producing top-of-the-line, premium e-liquids since 2014, when Sean Glas, a Los Angeles native, decided to dedicate his life to crafting the finest vape juices that money can buy.  In just a short amount of time, Glas Vapor went on to develop the Glas Basix Series, a line of award-winning flavors that are anything but, well, basic. 

What Sean has managed to accomplish with the Glas Basix Series is something that few brands have managed to do successfully, which is perfectly reproduce the treats that we most cherish in a way that tastes clean, authentic, fresh and highly nuanced.  For this reason, the Glas Basix Series remains one of the most celebrated vape juice collections in the history of the industry.  And, this Black Friday, you can treat yourself to these vape juices at an incredibly low price.

The name, of course, is misleading.  It is derived from the concept of making simple, recognizable flavors that hit the spot in ways that few treats can.  In order to reproduce these flavors flawlessly, Glas Basix Series spends a lot of time carefully sourcing exceptional flavoring ingredients from trusted, renowned sources.  This is why each vape juice tastes exactly like what it promises, whether it’s a refreshingly tart glass of lemonade or a buttery, fluffy cake that’s infused with mouthwatering fruits.

And, Glas Basix Series has made a point to expand their selection, ensuring that every single palate out there will find a multitude of flavors that satisfy on a whole new level.  Whether you’re yearning for a decadent, luxurious dessert, a refreshing beverage or a sticky candy, Glas Basix Series has got your needs covered like few brands that are out there.  And, with the quality of ingredients that goes into making each recipe, we know that you’ll have no problem vaping a flavor all day long as it hits the spot over and over again.

If you’re interested in giving your taste buds remarkably authentic-tasting e-liquids, check out the Glas Basix Series at Swagg Sauce.  Simply put, this is a brand that’s more than capable of satisfying those pesky cravings when nothing else will take care of your needs.  We know that you’ll be delighted.

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