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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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December 01, 2017

If you take vaping seriously, you need a battery charger that's going to preserve the life of your precious batteries. Simply put, the Hohm Tech Hohm Base 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger is as good as it gets. This advanced charger is made with the latest technology, ensuring maximum safety and protection as you charge your batteries.

The Hohm Tech Hohm Base 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger has what it takes to protect the longevity and safety of your batteries. Each bay comes with its own chip in order to charge each battery according to its own unique and precise needs. The advanced LCD display screen allows you to track each battery's progress as well as the specifications of its charging cycle.

Thanks to the advanced technology designed specially for this charging device, you can be certain that your batteries will not overcharge or lose longevity. In fact, this charger is capable of repairing batteries that have become depleted. 

Best of all, the Hohm Tech Hohm Base 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger will charge your batteries quickly. The technology behind this device gives it the unique ability to detect each battery's needs and select the fastest mode of output in order to have your battery ready to go as quickly as possible. This means that batteries that are nearly dead can be recharged and ready to be inserted into your device in no time.

Because of its ability to protect against reverse polarity and overcharging, you can leave your battery in its charging bay without worrying about any safety hazards. This intelligent charger will emit a distinctive buzzing noise in the event of an error.

The Hohm Tech Hohm Base 4 Bay Smart Battery Charger is the very best charger on the market right now thanks to its many advanced features. This very special device will look after your batteries so that you can simply charge and walk away.

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