Having A "Swagg" Holiday Vaping Season

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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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December 18, 2017

If this holiday season has you craving your favorite wintertime treats, it's time to check out these holiday-inspired e-liquid flavors from Swagg Sauce. Each of these flavors are made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring authentic tastes that will instantly flood your mind with happy holiday memories. Whether your mouth waters at the thought of rich pumpkin pie or your sweet tooth is yearning for the cool taste of a candy cane, Swagg Sauce has got something for you.

Pumpkin Head Vape Juice

When the holidays come around, pumpkin pie is on everyone's mind. This smooth, velvety flavor satisfies the taste buds with silky pumpkin, warm spices and a buttery crust. Now, you can vape this flavor all day long thanks to Swagg Sauce. Pumpkin Head vape juice is an outstanding flavor replica of this beloved wintertime dessert.

When you inhale Pumpkin Head vape juice, silky pumpkin flavor coats the tip of the tongue and entices the sweet tooth with its kiss of sugary sweetness. Then, spices like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg develop on the back of the palate. On the exhale, a delicious combination of rich pie crust flavor and silky whipped cream completes this special experience.

Pumpkin Head vape juice by Swagg Sauce has a 100 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) base. This base guarantees a pleasantly smooth inhale and thick, huge clouds on the exhale.

Candy Kane Crush Vape Juice

There's something about the combination of cold peppermint and sweet sugar that instantly brings back joyous holiday memories. Thanks to Swagg Sauce, you can enjoy this flavor for hours on end without rotting your teeth. Candy Kane Crush vape juice tastes just like that wintertime candy that makes the mouth water.

On the inhale, Candy Kane Crush vape juice chills the tongue with icy peppermint. Slowly, the flavor becomes sweeter and sweeter, satisfying your candy cravings. On the exhale, these two flavors swirl together as glorious peppermint-flavored clouds rush over the tongue. 

Candy Kane Crush vape juice boasts a maximum vegetable glycerin (VG) base that allows you to exhale huge, fluffy clouds. This base also guarantees a smooth, flavorful inhale.

Grandma's Cookies Vape Juice

At the end of a big holiday meal, a platter of homemade cookies is hard to resist. Grandma's Cookies vape juice tastes exactly like the freshly-baked cookies that you shamelessly indulge in during the holidays. For this flavor, Swagg Sauce infuses a buttery sugar cookie with gooey butterscotch to make the sweet tooth go wild.

When you inhale Grandma's Cookies vape juice, a combination of butter and vanilla strikes the taste buds. Then, that sugary taste intensifies. On the exhale, butterscotch bathes the sweet tooth with its rich flavor.

Grandma's Cookies vape juice has a 100 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) base so that you can enjoy a smooth inhale and thick clouds.

The Swagg Holiday Spirit

If your sweet tooth is longing for those tempting flavors of the holidays, it's time to explore these stunning flavors from Swagg Sauce. Each e-juice will get you into the holiday mood after just one puff.

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