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April 21, 2017

Ever since we were youths, we have known that there is just something about raw cake batter that is even more exciting than the cake itself. Even though we are urged from a young age to stay away from raw batter, the sugary and rich flavor is practically impossible to resist.

For those of us who are guilty of licking raw cake batter off the mixing spoon, Swagg Sauce has developed a new flavor that captures the sinfully satisfying flavor of cake batter perfectly.

Mad Batter Vape Juice

Mad Batter vape juice from Swagg Sauce allows for a guilt-free indulgent experience thanks to an intensely sweet combination of cake batter, strawberry marshmallow and rich custard flavors. Putting everything that we love about dessert batter into one bottle, this flavor can be enjoyed for hours on end without the risk of angering mom.

As you inhale, you will notice a distinctive blend of pure vanilla and sugary strawberry marshmallow. While these tastes and aromas mingle, the warm and satisfying custard flavor will begin to make its presence known. As you exhale, enjoy the unmistakably rich cake batter flavor as hints of sweet strawberry and vanilla perfume the air.

Like every vape juice created by Swagg Sauce, Mad Batter has a strictly VG base that is perfect for producing large and thick vape clouds. You can also enjoy the smooth taste that can only be achieved with a pure VG base. The ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, artificial and natural flavors and sweetener.

About Swagg Sauce Vape Juices

All of the vape juices made by Swagg Sauce contain only high-quality food grade ingredients. Free of artificial dyes and coloring, Swagg Sauce vape juices have earned a reputation for boasting superior quality and taste.

Each bottle of vape juice manufactured by Swagg Sauce is tested repeatedly for quality and flavor. This way, you know that when your vape juice arrives in the mail, you're about to enjoy a superior product.

Now that there's Mad Batter vape juice at Swagg Sauce, you don't have to feel guilty for enjoying the rich and sweet flavor of raw cake batter.

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