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July 07, 2018

Grab Some Blue Raspberry Vape Juice Today

Who doesn't love the flavor of sweet and sour blue raspberries? That punch of tartness makes the mouth water like nothing else on the planet. If you're dazzled by that tart and sugary taste, you're going to love the blue raspberry vape juice flavors that Swagg Sauce has to offer. Each of these flavors is made with high-quality ingredients in order to satisfy the taste buds like never before.

Swagg Sauce Raspberry Vape Juice Flavor Profile

Blue Raspberry Candy

A luscious hard candy flavor that's gushing with the taste of sour and sweet blue raspberry goodness. Each puff makes the taste buds tingle thanks to the intensity of the tartness. Whenever you take a hit of this vape juice flavor, you'll feel like you're sucking on your favorite hard candy from the good old days. The inhale slams the palate with the intense sourness for which blue raspberry candies are known. As the mouth fills up with saliva, the tartness slowly makes way for delicious tang. With every exhale, sugary sweetness dominates.

High Voltage

A truly exhilarating blend of sour and sweet blue raspberries that have been dipped in icy menthol. Each flavor component shocks the tongue in its own unique way. This e-liquid is absolutely perfect for summertime vaping thanks to its ability to refresh on every level. When you inhale, the punch of sour blue raspberry flavor soaks your entire tongue, making each taste bud weep with joy. As the sourness starts to disappear, the sublime sweetness of the flavor takes over. When you exhale, a gust of frosty menthol cools down your whole mouth.

Blue Steel

A whimsical treat for your inner child. Fluffy cotton candy is drizzled with sour blue raspberry syrup in order to leave every single taste bud absolutely satisfied. With each inhale, the sour blue raspberry flavor is apparent right away. Your mouth will be watering as the tartness makes its way into every taste bud. When you exhale, the ridiculously sweet taste of freshly spun cotton candy dominates.

Da Krank of Da Berries

A sweet and sour beverage that's remarkably refreshing. A blend of blue raspberries and tart cranberries rejuvenates your senses whenever you take a hit. Every inhale provides your palate with a heavy dose of sour blue raspberry and cranberry flavors. The juices run down your throat to satisfy your thirst. On the exhale, the magnificent sweetness of the fruity fusion takes over.

Grab These Swagg Flavors Today!

These four e-liquid flavors will satisfy your need for that kiss of sourness. Each has that exhilarating blue raspberry taste that you know and love.

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