Feeling Techie? Check out the MI-POD DIGITAL COLLECTION! Feeling Techie? Check out the MI-POD DIGITAL COLLECTION!

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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March 31, 2019

The Mi-Pod Digital Collection is a techie’s dream come to life.  With its robust power, its advanced features and its futuristic design, this is one pod system that checks all of the boxes.  It comes with all of the exciting functions that you’d expect from a brand like Smoking Vapor.  And, it’s magnificently portable, ergonomically designed and extremely satisfying whether you are brand new to vaping or you might have been rocking mods for years.

All About the Mi-Pod Digital Collection

If you want to grab a pod system with a stylish flair, look no further than the Mi-Pod Digital Collection from Smoking Vapor.  This all-in-one pod kit was designed with luxury in mind.  The box-like shape of the kit is both attractive and functional as it prevents your hand from cramping up.  Rounded edges feel great against the curve of your palm.  And, the kit is extremely lightweight and pocket-friendly.

The digital design of this kit gives it a space-age edge that beautifully complements the retro-inspired brand logo at the top-right corner.  The vibrant panels conceal an extremely sturdy mod that’s made with reliable, heavy-duty materials so that you can feel secure that your mod is safe while you vape throughout the day.

Despite its compact design, this kit boasts a whopping 950mAh battery that’s built into the mod.  That battery gives you an amazingly long life between charging sessions while promoting an exceptional amount of vapor with every puff.  The LED light indicates when your battery is running low.  Unique features include a convenient stealth mode in addition to a suite of safety features for your protection.  This kit is draw-activated, making it incredibly user-friendly and low-maintenance.

One unique feature of this kit is that it’s compatible with both pre-filled juice pods and refillable pod cartridges.  In fact, the kit comes with two refillable pod cartridges so that you can fill them both ahead of time and switch between flavors throughout the day with incredible ease.  Each pod cartridge can hold two milliliters of your favorite salt nic vape juice.

Every pod cartridge features a 1.0ohm coil for a flawless MTL experience.  OAS (oil and air separated) technology improves your vaping experience in a variety of ways.  Leak-proof technology keeps your nic salt e-liquid where it belongs while advanced top airflow improves the quality of each and every hit.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Mi-Pod Digital Collection

Step #1: Take the Mi-Pod out of its packaging along with the two refillable pod cartridges that come with this kit.  Find your mod’s charger and charge the mod until the LED light turns green. 

Step #2: While the pod system is attached to its charger, decide if you wish to use the refillable pod cartridges or use pre-filled juice pods.  If you wish to use the refillable pod cartridges, consider filling them both at the same time.  To fill, unplug the fill port in each one and insert the juice bottle into the hole.  Then, plug the fill port back up and prime the coils in the pod cartridges. 

Step #3: Now that your mod is done charging, you can remove it from the charging cable.  Take a filled pod cartridge and attach it to the mod. 

Final Step: This device is draw-activated, so all that you need to do is pull on the mouthpiece in order to enjoy a delicious hit.

Embrace Your Inner Techie with the Mi-Pod Digital Collection

The Mi-Pod Digital Collection offers up some truly advanced pod-based vaping session. This user-friendly, portable system makes it easier enjoy a flawless and flavorful salt nic experience.  Most importantly, it’s built to last.

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