Durable and Reliable: MI-POD METAL COLLECTION Durable and Reliable: MI-POD METAL COLLECTION

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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March 28, 2019

What’s more resilient than metal?  The Mi-Pod Metal Collection by Smoking Vapor is a seriously sturdy, high-performance pod mod starter kit for the vaper who values reliability and durability.  This portable all-in-one system comes with loads of features that make it stand out among other pod kits of its kind.  And, like all of the vaping devices in this prestigious line, the visual design is absolutely stunning.

All About the Mi-Pod Metal Collection

The Mi-Pod Metal Collection surely lives up to its name, featuring a futuristic all-metal design that gives it an industrial feel.  Gripping this mod is a pleasant experience thanks to its ergonomic design.  Besides enhancing its visual appeal, rounded edges ensure that your palm won’t start cramping up during those longer vaping sessions. 

The pod mod is sleek and compact, boasting a box-like shape and an extremely slim design.  It’s refreshingly lightweight, making it a pleasure to hold throughout the day.  You’ll have no trouble carrying this baby around in your pocket during the day thanks to its highly portable nature that’s as convenient as it gets.

This exclusive starter kit is quite a feat in vaping technology.  Despite its extremely small size and slim shape, it conceals an impressive 950mAh battery.  That high-capacity battery guarantees an extremely strong life between charges.  Monitoring your battery is easy thanks to the LED light indicator that shows you when it’s time to charge. 

Additionally, this unit comes with lots of features that make it extremely efficient.  A stealth mode is great for vapers on the go.  Plenty of safety features are built into the system such as overheat protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection and ten-second cut-off.

Each pod system in this collection comes with two 2mL refillable pod cartridges.  As an added bonus, this versatile system takes pre-filled juice pods as well, making it extremely easy to use if you’re a total vaping beginner.

The cartridges themselves are brilliantly designed, boasting top airflow for better cloud production as well as top-of-the-line anti-leak technology so that you don’t waste vape juice.  A unique OAS (oil and air separated) function helps provide smoother hits.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Mi-Pod Metal Collection

Step #1: Take the Mi-Pod Metal out of its packaging along with the two pod cartridges.  Then, find your battery charger and charge the mod until it’s fully charged.  You’ll know that it’s done charging when the LED light indicator turns green.

Step #2: During the charging process, decide if you want to use pre-filled juice pods or fill the empty pod cartridges with the salt nic vape juice of your choosing.  If you wish to fill the pods yourself, choose which salt nic e-liquid you’d like to use.  Then, unplug the fill port and fill the pod cartridge with juice.  We recommend filling both pod cartridges ahead of time.  Make sure that you prime the pod cartridge coils.

Step #3: Now, remove the device from its charger and attach one of the pod cartridges to the top of the mod.  

Final Step: To take a hit, simply pull on the mouthpiece and enjoy.

Grab the Mi-Pod Metal Collection for a Perfectly Reliable Vape

The Mi-Pod Metal Collection consist of brilliantly designed pod systems that’re dependable and powerful.  This advanced system boasts the technology of a large box mod despite the fact that it’s conveniently portable and extremely easy to use.  Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a beginner, this unit won’t let you down.

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