Does TFN Change the Flavor Slightly of E-Liquids? Swagg Sauce

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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November 07, 2020

A lot of vapers enjoy their e-liquids daily without ever questioning the ingredients that they’re actually vaping.  Now, this isn’t a slight on the vaping community, because overall, the ingredients used by premium vape juice companies are deemed safe according to the FDA.  But that doesn’t mean that all ape juices are created equally in terms of quality and purity levels.

One new development in the world of juice-making is the use of TFN, which is short for tobacco-free nicotine.  As the name implies, this is nicotine that does not come from the tobacco plant. It is, in fact, synthetic nicotine, created in a lab to mimic nicotine compounds perfectly.  And it’s just as effective.

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking.  Isn’t natural always better?  So many of us hear the word “synthetic” and automatically recoil, thinking that synthetic is bad.  But, when it comes to nicotine, the opposite may be true.

We know that vapers care a lot about the flavor of their vape juice.  If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be literally thousands of e-liquid flavors out there, all trying to compete for your palate’s attention.

TFN is Pure, While Tobacco-Derived Nicotine May Not Be

What makes TFN unique is that it’s completely pure.  Nicotine compounds taken from the tobacco plant are more prone to containing impurities than you may think.  And, because there is no set of regulations determining purification processes of tobacco-derived nicotine, you could be vaping those impurities without even knowing it.

Many of the impurities that naturally occur in tobacco-derived nicotine are known toxins, which shouldn’t surprise you if you know anything about tobacco in general.  Therefore, it goes without saying that these impurities should be avoided.

However, these impurities can also alter the taste of the nicotine.  What this means is that companies that use tobacco-derived nicotine in their vape juices may have to compensate for the subtle effects on flavor caused by using this type of compound.

What This Means for Flavor

Because producing nicotine synthetically gives chemists the ability to create a completely pure product, e-liquid companies that use TFN will have access to a nicotine extract that is truly odorless and flavorless.  Therefore, e-juices made with this ingredient are more likely to have a completely clean flavor.

This also means that these companies will not be as inclined to mask any impurities in nicotine with additional sweetener or strong flavoring agents.  And so, one can naturally argue that vape juices made with TFN in fact taste better, in that they have a more natural, clean, and refreshing taste. 

Final Thoughts

TFN may become the next big thing in the vaping industry, and besides changing the quality of the nicotine that you’re taking in each day, it may also have a positive impact on the flavor of your vape juices.  Now that e-liquids made with TFN are becoming more widely available, you can do your own taste test to see how these two types of nicotine compare in terms of their effects on the flavor profile of your e-juice.

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