January 12, 2018

The Cool Melon Pods by Infusion combine the latest technology with the most delicious taste that the vaping world has to offer. Always ahead of the game, Infusion has delivered one of the most satisfying vapes thanks to high-quality flavoring ingredients and brilliant design. This exciting new product allows you to enjoy a refreshing e-juice flavor while getting the highest-quality nicotine that's out there right now.

Infusion's Cool Melon vape juice is a refreshing blend of cold menthol and juicy, crisp melons. This flavor delivers sweet satisfaction without being overly sugary. The menthol flavor tastes exactly like fresh mint, cooling down your entire mouth while the clouds travel across the tongue.

When you inhale Cool Melon, a blend of sweet watermelon, crisp honeydew melon and tangy cantaloupe trickle down the palate, quenching your thirst while refreshing you all over. The exhale consists of high-quality menthol flavor that is perfect for hot summer afternoons.

The ceramic coil ensures a consistent vaping experience that won't deliver any burnt taste whatsoever. This technology guarantees that each puff hits the throat and tastes delightfully smooth. These pods use five percent nicotine salts, allowing you to vape at high nicotine levels without any harsh sensation in your throat. Each pod cartridge contains 1.5 ml of delicious liquid, providing you with about four hundred puffs.

The Cool Melon Pods by Infusion are designed to be used with the Phix Ultra portable vaping device. The pod-based system is changing the way that we vape thanks to its convenience as well as its ability to deliver the most intense flavor possible. Best of all, these pods are pre-filled, allowing you to vape for hours without making a mess.

If you haven't yet explored the pod-based vaping system, it's time to experience this exciting new technology for yourself. The Cool Melon Pods by Infusion will satisfy your cravings while allowing you to vape at the nicotine level that you desire. These high-quality pods provide you with hit after hit of exceptional flavor that's consistent and mess-free.

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