WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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April 20, 2019

If you’re using the SMOK Novo Ultra Portable Kit, there’s going to come a point when that pod cartridge you’re using just isn’t cutting it anymore.  When that happens, it’s time to invest in the SMOK Novo Replacement Pod 3-Pack.  This product gives you three replacement pods that are specially designed to improve the overall performance of your SMOK Novo Ultra Portable Mod.  And, because you’ll have three, you’ll be able to get through lots of delicious vaping before it’s time to stock up again.

Each SMOK Novo Replacement Pod is only compatible with your SMOK Nord device.  Each pod can hold two milliliters of your favorite salt nic e-liquid flavor.  The horizontal coil design improves the taste of your e-liquid so that you can savor the glorious flavor you’re getting while you vape the day away.

The Nord Replacement Pod comes in two different resistance levels.  The 1.5ohm resistance level is great for MTL vapers who want a strong flavor and a tight draw.  The 1.2ohm coil is better for those who want a looser draw and a more abundant amount of vapor.

Each pod contains a wick that’s made from organic cotton for a flawlessly consistent and smooth vaping experience. 

How to Use the SMOK Novo Replacement Pods

Once you feel like you’re not getting the smooth and satisfying vaping experience that you’re used to, it’s time to replace your pod.  To do this:

Step #1: Simply throw out the one you’re currently using. 

Step #2: Then, take your new pod and locate the fill port on the side. 

Step #3: Fill it with e-juice and allow it to sit for about five minutes.  This will ensure that the coil is primed so that you have a consistent and delicious vape. 

Final Step: Once primed thoroughly, snap it into your Novo Ultra Portable Mod and take a nice, smooth hit by pulling on the mouthpiece.

Maximized Satisfaction

This pack gives you three long-lasting pod cartridges that are designed to improve your vaping experience in a multitude of ways.

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