WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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July 28, 2018


At Swagg Sauce, you can experience the most pleasurable vape of your life by grabbing the Aspire Breeze Kit and Salt Nerd Combo. This exclusive kit provides you with the coveted Aspire Breeze Starter Kit and 30 ml of our widely popular Salt Nerd Nicotine vape juice. You can choose from a wide selection of flavors that are each made with the best ingredients out there.

The Aspire Breeze Starter Kit

The Aspire Breeze Starter Kit is one of the most exceptional portable vaping kits out there. This all-in-one kit takes the hassle out of vaping thanks to its user-friendly design that's perfect for beginners and advanced vape enthusiasts alike. 

Built into the Aspire Breeze Starter Kit is a powerful 650mAh battery that can handle everyday use like a champ. This battery charges in less than one hour. Therefore, you can say goodbye to the days of waiting for hours in order to resume vaping. 

The Aspire Breeze Starter Kit comes with a refillable pod cartridge that's absolutely perfect for our Salt Nerd Nicotine juice. This pod cartridge can hold 2ml of e-juice at a time. A full pod will provide you with about as many hits as a pack of cigarettes. 

The best thing about the Aspire Breeze is that you can take it anywhere. It's incredibly slim and lightweight, meaning that you can carry it around in your pocket all day long without any problems. It's also extremely easy to use. Finally, you can leave behind the complicated box mods that come with lots of buttons and maintenance requirements. 

Salt Nerd Nicotine Vape Juice by Swagg Sauce

The Salt Nerd Nicotine vape juice from Swagg Sauce is perfect for the Aspire Breeze. Made with high-quality nicotine salts, this vape juice is designed for pod mod devices only. The high level of nicotine guarantees a satisfying punch to the throat and an exhilarating nicotine buzz whenever you take a pull.

Our Salt Nerd Nicotine collection consists of an enormous array of tasty flavors. Swagg Sauce is known for their unique and delicious flavor creations. As you look for the perfect flavor, you'll come across juicy fruit blends, sticky candies, cool menthol-infused treats and indulgent desserts. 

Only at Swagg Sauce can you find a deal like this. The Aspire Breeze Kit and Salt Nerd Combo guarantees intense vaping bliss all day long.

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