Are You Ready to Get Twisted with the FREEMAX TWISTER 80W & FIRELUKE 2 STARTER KIT?

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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April 26, 2019 1 Comment

So many portable sub-ohm systems disappoint in terms of power and cloud production.  Then, there’s the Freemax Twister 80W & Fireluke 2 Starter Kit, a stunningly powerful portable kit that can satisfy every sub-ohm need in a uniquely convenient way.  Besides the fact that this vaping system boasts an incredibly striking look, it’s got all of the features that you know and love without requiring that you carry around a clunky box mod all day long.  And, did we mention that it’s an all-in-one system?

The Twister is a visual stunner, to put it simply.  The pen-like shape is both attractive and convenient as it allows vapers to simply slip their setup into their pocket when they’re not using it.  And, it’s lightweight and curved, meaning that it feels great in the hand during those long chain-vaping sessions.

Its chassis is covered in a bold and vibrant pattern that allows you to show off your personal style while you get your vape on.  Don’t be surprised if your vaping buddies become jealous. 

Even more impressive is the technology that’s concealed beneath that striking chassis.  For one thing, the mod contains a remarkably powerful 2300mAh battery that’s conveniently built into the system so that you won’t have to take it out for maintenance.  It can reach 80 watts of power like a champ, and adjusting the wattage is incredibly easy thanks to the tactile ring at the base of the mod.  Plus, this mod comes with loads of safety features that keep both you and your device as secure as can be.

Comes with a pre-installed glass piece that can contain three milliliters of e-juice.  However, the kit includes a bubble glass piece that brings that juice capacity up to 4.5 milliliters.  Filling the tank is easy thanks to the sliding mechanism at its top.  The tank comes with both the X2 and X3 coils so that you can customize your experience based on your unique preferences.  Each coil is unique in its own way, but both of them will ensure flawless, smooth and rich flavor while giving you the cloud-chasing experience of your dreams.

Using the Freemax Twister 80W & Fireluke 2 Starter Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know more about this kit, here is how you use it:

Step #1: Remove the mod, tank and the two coils from the packaging.  Keep all of the other components inside the box and put the box somewhere safe.  It’s highly likely that you’ll need these remaining components at a later time.

Step #2: Find the charging port that’s located on the mod.  Then, attach it to a charging cable that’s plugged in.  Allow your mod to reach a full charge.  Once the LED indicator light on the mod has turned green, you’ll know that it’s done charging and ready to use.

Step #3: While your Freemax Twister 80W Mod is charging, it’s time to fill your tank with the e-liquid of your choice.  Locate the sliding mechanism that’s at the top of the tank.  Then, insert the spout of your e-liquid bottle to fill it with liquid, being careful not to exceed the maximum fill line.  Keep in mind that you can always increase your tank’s capacity by using the bubble glass piece that’s included in this kit.

Step #4: Choose which coil you’d like to use and prime it properly.  Make sure that you allow the cotton wick to be fully saturated before inserting the coil into your tank.  Then, attach the tank to the mod.

Final Step: Now, you can take your first hit.  First, turn the power on by pressing the power button.  Then, press down on the firing button in order to enjoy a satisfying amount of vapor.

An Exceptional Vaping System

The best way to describe the FREEMAX TWISTER 80W & FIRELUKE 2 STARTER KIT is both convenient and advanced.  To get the most out of this impressive setup, follow our guide carefully.

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Paul S
Paul S

June 20, 2019

Is this device compadable with salt nics on lower wattage settings?

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