WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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March 15, 2019 10 min read

Air Factory is one of those e-liquid companies that has earned and maintained the trust of vapers by delivering consistently satisfying, high-quality vape juices.  Their main appeal, of course, is their wide selection of mouthwatering flavors.  Initially, the brand stuck to candy flavors, providing vapers with a wide array of choices when it comes to satisfying that sweet tooth.  However, in recent times, they’ve broken out of the world of candies to include lip-smacking treats like creamy custards and delectable cookies.

What’s clearly apparent is that Air Factory cares about quality.  Since day one, they’ve used only the very best ingredients possible in order to create their delicious flavors.  Recently, they’ve begun dabbling in the world of nicotine salts with much success.  Pod mod users are indeed grateful to be able to indulge in the brand’s iconic flavors while getting their salt nic satisfaction.

As Air Factory continues to reign supreme in the e-liquid world, we expect to see more and more intoxicating flavors from them released on the market.  For now, however, vape enthusiasts can enjoy exploring their massive collection of downright exquisite e-juices.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

?Mystery? Salt

Are you tired of predictability?  Are you craving a little more mystery in your life?  If so, Air Factory’s ?Mystery? Salt may be exactly what your taste buds have been yearning for.  This tasty little vape juice intrigues the taste buds with an enigmatic blend of fruity flavors that have been lovingly turned into a chewy, sticky strip of saltwater taffy.  With every puff, your sweet tooth will be singing your praises.  When you inhale this delectable creation, you’ll notice a blast of intense tropical flavor while you try to determine each fruity note that’s passing over your palate.  Then, a bit of tartness and tang tease your taste buds.  On the exhale, that intense sweetness takes over, satisfying your candy cravings in the way that only taffy can.

Berry Rush Salt

Why wait for fresh berries to be in season when you can simply indulge in Berry Rush Salt?  This e-liquid picks berries straight from the vine when they’re at the peak stage of ripeness.  In fact, these berries are so fresh that you’ll feel like you can taste the sun while you vape away.  Tartness, tang and sweetness merge together to create a mouthwatering treat that leaves you feeling soothed, rejuvenated and outrageously satisfied.  No berry lover should turn this one down! Inhale a mouthful of brilliantly tangy strawberry slices.  The juiciness runs down the palate to eliminate your thirst.  While they become sweeter, a handful of freshly picked blueberries joins the party with mild tartness.  On the exhale, you’ll feel as refreshed as can be.

Mint Limited-Edition Salt

For vapers who crave that kick of frostiness whenever they hit their mod, there’s Mint Limited Edition Salt, a gloriously chilly e-juice that combines powerful menthol with luxurious nicotine salts.  This vape juice is a spectacularly invigorating blend of freshly picked peppermint leaves and pure ice.  Like a gust of arctic wind, those magnificent clouds run through your mouth, chilling everything along the way.  When you inhale this intense flavor, you’ll get the freshness of the mint leaves as the clouds settle into the tongue.  A hint of sweetness excites the palate while balancing out the cool, mellow taste of the mint.  Then, when you exhale, that menthol sweeps across the palate, cooling your throat and making every taste bud shiver.

Melon Lush Salt

There’s nothing like the fresh taste of perfectly ripe melons when you want to feel refreshed.  What’s even better is when those luscious melon juices are turned into a sweet and sticky candy for your sweet tooth.  Melon Lush Salt takes a delectable melon-flavored candy and blends it with glorious nicotine salts for a vape that will leave you feeling blissfully satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.  This vape juice is a great ADV for the hot months of summer.  At first, you’ll get that rejuvenating honeydew taste that’s crisp, smooth and splendidly sweet.  Then, a rush of watermelon juice floods the mouth with its cool and mellow taste.  The juiciness intensifies, soaking every taste bud.  Then, on the exhale, that powerful blast of sugar takes over, tricking your tongue into thinking that it’s sucking on a delicious hard candy.

Freebase E-Liquids

Melon Lush

Melon Lush is a flavor extravaganza that’s excellent for summertime vaping.  This lip-smacking treat consists of everyone’s favorite juicy, seasonal melons that have been turned into a delectably sugary candy for your vaping pleasure.  Each puff soothes you with that invigorating fruity taste before slamming your sweet tooth with exactly what it yearns for all day long.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about any cavities!  When you draw in some vapor, you’ll get that cool honeydew taste that mellows out your mood and pleases your palate beyond words.  The succulent juice is crisp, sweet and slightly creamy.  Then, savor the rush of fresh watermelon that lifts your spirits and supplies your sweet tooth with the perfect amount of natural sugar.  When you finally exhale, that glorious candy taste comes through, making you feel giddy with excitement.

Melon Lush Ice

Melon Lush Ice takes a delectable candy flavor and blasts it with pure ice in order to exhilarate each and every taste bud.  Fresh honeydew, watermelon and menthol are blended with sugar in order to create a magnificently sticky candy.  This vape juice is capable of cooling you down when you need it the most while making your sweet tooth swoon with contentment.  And, those juicy melons will relieve you of your thirst on hot summer days.  As you inhale, you’ll savor that honeydew taste that’s crisp, clean and delicious.  Then, as the flavor sits on the palate, a surprising hit of fresh watermelon adds sweetness while tickling every taste bud.  The sugary notes become dominant thanks to that sweet candy flavor.  Then, as you exhale, the taste of intensely cold menthol chills your throat and mouth.

Crisp Apple

Looking for a thirst-quencher that comes with a kick?  Crisp Apple is the ideal flavor for those times when you need to quench your thirst.  Magnificently juicy, sweet red apples are pressed into a delicious juice that’s infused with the perfect amount of minty freshness.  Each puff will soothe your palate, refresh your senses and cool you down.  When you first inhale this magical flavor, you’ll notice the crispness of the red apples as the juice tickles your palate.  The sweetness starts to come through, putting your sweet tooth at ease at last.  Then, the juiciness becomes intense, soaking your palate and calming you down.  When you exhale, you’ll enjoy a stream of fresh menthol that’s frosty without being overwhelming.

Kookie Krunch

So many times, nothing hits the spot more than a freshly baked sugar cookie that’s still warm from the oven.  If you find that you’re always craving this comforting homemade treat, it’s time to grab a bottle of Kookie Krunch.  Each puff melts on the tongue thanks to an unapologetic amount of butter and a sublime serving of crunchy white sugar.  Just the aroma of the clouds will have you drooling like you’ve never drooled before.  As you draw some vapor into your mouth, you’ll get that buttery taste right away.  Once the vapor swims across the mouth, a hint of vanilla adds depth while a sprinkle of salt makes your mouth water.  Then, when you exhale, a shameless dose of sugar adds so much sweetness that your taste buds will be squealing with happiness.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for a big glass of milk when you’re done vaping.

Mystery Flavor

Mystery Flavor is an extraordinarily yummy taffy candy that’s infused with fresh fruity flavors.  The best thing about this e-liquid is that you’ll spend the whole time trying to figure out exactly what it is that’s passing through your taste buds.  A symphony of fruits leaves you feeling intrigued.  And, of course, since this is a taffy flavor, expect a truly stunning amount of sweetness that will leave you feeling outrageously satisfied after every puff. Inhale burst of tropical fruits that are enigmatic by nature.  Tangy notes swirl around the tongue as your mouth fills with saliva.  Then, a burst of tartness enters the picture while its source remains unknown.  Even though you won’t know what these flavors are, you’ll be delighted by them the entire time.  When you exhale, the sugar takes over, giving your sweet tooth the pleasure that it deserves.

Blue Razz

Everything that you want out of a lusciously sour and sugary blue raspberry candy.  Blue Razz is gonna make your mouth water like never before thanks to the way that the tartness takes over your entire tongue.  Beneath that candy coating is an exquisitely ripe and fresh berry that’s so juicy, you’ll feel like fresh fruit nectar is dripping down your chin.  Simply put, no one does blue raspberry like Air Factory.  When you inhale this luscious candy flavor, the mouth-puckering taste of the berry shocks every single taste bud in a way that’s totally pleasurable.  The sourness finally starts to fade away, allowing that refreshing berry taste to really shine.  Then, when you get around to exhaling, the intensely sugary taste of candy dominates.

Blue Razz Ice

Blue Razz Ice is a blue raspberry candy that comes with a menthol twist.  If you used to suck on those sweet and sour treats all day long back in the day, you’ll love this grown-up rendition that takes your favorite candy taste to the next level.  There’s something about that blast of ice that intensifies the sourness and the sweetness.  Additionally, this vape juice is uniquely refreshing thanks to the fresh fruity flavor that tantalizes every taste bud.  Upon inhaling this e-liquid, you’ll be blown away by the powerful sourness that makes every taste bud salivate like never before.  When the sourness finally dissipates, the freshness of the berry becomes apparent as it soothes your tongue.  Then, the sweetness of the candy starts to take over, making your sweet tooth feel euphoric.  On the exhale, the menthol dominates.

Berry Rush

Berry Rush is what happens when you collect the ripest berries in the orchard on a hot summer day and mix them all together.  This lusciously juicy flavor has the perfect balance of tartness, tang and sweetness.  Each puff is like popping a handful of juicy berries into your mouth.  This is an excellent all-day vape during the warmer months thanks to its revitalizing fruity taste.  On the inhale, the tangy taste of freshly picked strawberries instantly puts you at ease.  The strawberries become sweeter as a wave of tart blueberry juice runs across the tongue.  When you exhale, you’ll feel soothed and satisfied. 

Jaw Dropper

Wanna suck on fruity hard candy but don’t want to sabotage your dental health?  Luckily, Air Factory has given us Jaw Dropper, a mouthwatering hard candy that’s full of fresh watermelon flavor.  This is a great way to keep your sweet tooth satisfied while indulging in the delectable taste of perfectly ripe summer melon.  Each hit dazzles you in the way that only freshly made candy can.  At first, you’ll get that crisp, smooth watermelon taste that eases your mind and refreshes your palate.  The flavor quenches the thirst before the candy starts to take over.  When you exhale, the intense sweetness makes you feel incredibly giddy.

Lemon Glaze

There’s nothing like a freshly prepared pound cake to satisfy your dessert needs.  Lemon Glaze is a tribute to that iconic dessert that reminds us of grandma’s baking.  This pound cake is magnificently buttery.  If that wasn’t enough, it’s infused with zesty, tart lemon glaze and topped off with smooth and creamy vanilla icing.  Your sweet tooth will be screeching whenever you take a hit of this comforting treat.  On the inhale, that burst of lemon makes your palate weep with joy.  Then, the rich pound cake flavor rolls across the tongue, making you think you’re eating something that’s fresh out of the oven.  When you exhale, that vanilla icing drips all over your tongue with its sugary and creamy taste.

Tropic Freeze

Looking for the ultimate summertime vape?  Tropic Freeze is where it’s at.  Lusciously plump strawberries, magnificently juicy kiwis and icy, invigorating menthol team up to satisfy every craving you could possibly have on a hot summer day.  Your thirst will be quenched, and your taste buds will be frozen in the best way possible.  When you take in some vapor, you’ll savor the ripe, fresh strawberry taste that explodes with tang and sweetness.  The juiciness intensifies as that kiwi flavor adds a tropical kick that makes your mouth water like never before.  As you exhale, the menthol provides you with a cooling sensation that’s absolutely irresistible.

Wild Apple

With its tart and crisp taste, the green apple is something that satisfies the palate when nothing else can.  Wild Apple takes the fresh juice of green apples and turns it into a succulent vape juice that you’ll never want to take out of rotation.  Each puff is absolutely thrilling to the palate when you’re feeling that thirst coming on.  When you inhale, you’ll notice the sourness that makes you drool like crazy.  Then, those crisp notes tickle every single taste bud.  When you exhale, the natural sweetness of this yummy fruit takes over.

Custard Craze

Are you a custard fiend?  If so, Custard Craze is the e-liquid to grab.  This flavor is creamier and richer than all the rest thanks to its exceptional combination of ingredients.  Smooth vanilla bean, rich egg yolks, sweet sugar and delectable cream join forces to provide you with a truly decadent flavor experience.  When you inhale this flavor, the vanilla hits the spot right away.  Then, the richness of the custard starts to become apparent.  The sweetness level increases as the vapor sits on your tongue.  As soon as you exhale, the creaminess leaves your palate drenched.

Iced Chee

Iced Chee is a flavor that celebrates this exotic Asian fruit that’s crisp, smooth and delicious.  It takes the humble lychee and blends it with other yummy fruits before dousing it in pure ice.  Cool, refreshing and satisfyingly sweet, this e-liquid will leave you feeling blissed out whenever you take a hit. On the inhale, the lychee flavor is noticeable right away.  Its exotic flavor intrigues your palate as other fruits start to come into the picture.  Then, when you exhale, you’ll get that cold menthol blast that soothes you from head to toe.

Strawberry Crush

Strawberry Crush is a delectable strawberry-infused dessert that combines this seasonal berry with buttery pastry dough and the perfect amount of vanilla icing.  While the fruit is the star, the supporting actors do a great job keeping your most intense cravings at bay.  Luxurious and refreshing, this is a flavor that’s good to have on hand when you’re looking for something a bit decadent.  Each inhale of this flavor gives you that burst of fresh fruity flavor.  Sweet and tangy, these strawberries are as ripe as can be.  On the exhale, the glorious pastry dough and the smooth icing team up to satisfy you like crazy.

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberries and kiwis are the peanut butter and jelly of the fruit world.  Air Factory’s take on this iconic duo is so succulent, smooth and refreshing that you’ll never take it out of rotation.  Perfect for hot summer days, this vape juice quenches the thirst when nothing else can.  As you inhale, you’ll get the tartness and tang from the strawberry and kiwi juices.  Then, as you exhale, the sweetness level becomes intense.

Something for Every Vaping Palate

Air Factory’s collection of e-liquids truly has something for every palate.  If you haven’t given this brand a try, we suggest looking through their catalog as there’s definitely a flavor that will satisfy your vaping needs.

David Nadel
David Nadel

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