A True Vaping Powerhouse: Sigelei Chronus Kit Swagg Sauce A True Vaping Powerhouse: Sigelei Chronus Kit

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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December 09, 2019

Serious vapers know that Sigelei makes some of the most exceptional pieces of vaping hardware on the market, with each kit boasting the most innovative, advanced features, a stunning visual design and serious dependability while so many other companies fall short.  That’s why we at Swagg Sauce had to add the Sigelei Chronus Kit to our catalog of hardware.

The Chronus Kit features a truly sophisticated visual design that features a sleek chassis, a watch-inspired display screen and a five-directional joystick for ease of use as well as aesthetic appeal.  Like all of the hardware from this celebrated brand, the Chronus is as durable as they come, being made with superior construction materials for a truly reliable setup, which is something that’s missing from the industry so often.

This kit can reach up to 200 watts, making it great for heavy-duty sub-ohm vapers.  It also boasts a powerful and generous TC function, as well as a stunning chipset that allows this piece of technology to reach new heights both in terms of safety and functionality.

The Shikra Sub-Ohm Tank can fit a generous 5.5 milliliters of vape juice, and boasts a dual slotted airflow ring at its base for a more controlled and customize vaping experience.  Included with the tank is a collection of three different coils, each rated for a different wattage range: the 0.2ohm MS-H Coil, the 0.25ohm MS Coil and the 0.2ohm MS-M Mesh Coil.  

At Swagg Sauce, we want our flavors to taste extraordinary, and so much of that has to do with using the right hardware.  That’s why we highly recommend enjoying any of our freebase nic vape juice with the Sigelei Chronus Kit.  To put it simply, you won’t be disappointed.  

How to Use the Sigelei Chronus Kit

Step #1: Remove the Chronus Mod and Shikra Tank from the box, and then select which coil you’d like to use, based on your preferred wattage range.  Then, install the coil into the tank.  Leave the remaining parts in the box and store the box somewhere safe, as you’ll probably need them in the future.

Step #2: Install two fully charged 18650 batteries into your mod.  

Step #3: Now, prime your vape coil by pouring some e-liquid into the exposed wick.  Then, fill your tank with e-liquid and allow the tank to sit for five minutes so that the coil is properly primed.

Step #4: Connect your tank to your mod, and turn the mod’s power on.  Adjust your settings according to your preferences.  Then, use the firing button to enjoy your first delicious hit!

This sub-ohm kit means serious business, and we know that cloud-chasers will absolutely drool over this vaping powerhouse.

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