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December 18, 2019

SMOK’s mods are nothing short of legendary, with each one achieving its own individual cult following.  Now, the company has released their most coveted box mod to date, and it’s called the SMOK Species 230W Box Mod.  As the name would imply, this box mod offers incredibly high-power capabilities, and it’s absolutely ideal for sub-ohm vapers who desire a truly strong performance and the biggest, fluffiest clouds imaginable.  At Swagg Sauce, we’re very excited to add this stunning piece of vaping hardware to our collection, and we know that vapers who crave high power are going to be more than satisfied.

Anyone who is familiar with SMOK’s hardware knows that this is a company that is fully dedicated to producing very reliable and durable hardware, and it’s safe to say that the Species is no exception.  With its heavy-duty build and advanced chipset technology, you’ll be able to enjoy this device for a long time to come.  Plus, it boasts a futuristic, sleek appearance that’s highly appealing to those who desire attractive vaping devices.  The OLED touch screen is a very convenient touch, as well as an attractive one.

The Species can reach 230 watts of power, which is ideal for sub-ohm enthusiasts.  It also boasts a full temperature control suite that makes it easier than ever to customize your vapes.  It requires two 18650 batteries, and offers a variety of preheat functions.  The mod also boasts a number of highly advanced safety features that ensure a safe vaping experience.  For all of these advanced settings, the Species is a surprisingly user-friendly kit, making it great for beginners and advanced vapers alike.

Sub-ohm lovers who want to get the most pleasure out of our delicious flavors will fully appreciate what the SMOK Species 230W Box Mod can do.  You’ll find that your flavor is rich, bold and complex while you treat yourself to luxurious clouds all day long.

How to use the SMOK Species 230W Box Mod

Step #1: Remove the SMOK Species from the box, leaving the remaining parts in the box for later use.  Into the battery compartment of the mod, install two 18650 batteries that have been fully charged.

Step #2: Now, choose a tank that is compatible.  Any sub-ohm vape tank will do.  Into the tank, install a coil that is compatible with your preferred output range.  Make sure that the coil has been thoroughly primed, and fill the tank with e-liquid.  Then, install it onto your mod.

Step #3: Turn on your device.  The display screen should light up right away.  Adjust the settings to suit your needs, and press the fire button to enjoy a hit. 

Now, you’re good to go!

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