September 28, 2018

5 Benefits of Pod Vaping

As a vaper, you probably hear about pod vaping constantly. This new style of vaping has taken the industry by storm. That's because it is convenient and uniquely satisfying to those who crave nicotine. It is also a very user-friendly vaping style that has allowed many former cigarette smokers to finally make the switch. 

You may be surprised to learn that there are several benefits when it comes to switching to this vaping style. Especially if you're a former cigarette smoker, pod vaping just may be the method that's right for you. In fact, countless vape enthusiasts are ditching their large box mods to pick up one of these easy-to-use, low-maintenance devices. 

What is Pod Vaping?

Pod vaping involves using a pod device that takes e-liquids that are made with salt-based nicotine. Unlike freebase nicotine, salt-based nicotine can be enjoyed in high concentrations without hurting your throat. This type of vape juice delivers a strong throat hit and a nicotine buzz that many describe as pleasurable. To many fans of this vaping style, it's very similar to the sensation of smoking an analog cigarette. 

Those who switch to pod vaping first invest in a pod mod. This consists of a battery and pod cartridge. This type of vaping system is extremely portable and user-friendly. Unlike traditional mods, pod mods typically don't come with lots of advanced features such as temperature control settings and airflow options. 

Some pod mods are made by companies that produce pre-filled juice pods that snap into the battery easily. While this is an easier way to vape, it means that your flavor selection is limited. Other pod mods come with pod cartridges that are refillable, meaning that you can enjoy any salt nic juice flavor that's available. 

Five Benefits:

It's User-Friendly

Pod mods are uniquely user-friendly as they don't require the user to play around with different settings to find their sweet spot. Because pod mods function best at specific wattage and resistance levels, they don't come with all the options that can confuse those who are new to vaping. Plus, many pod mods are draw-activated, meaning that you won't need to use a firing button for each hit. 

Perfect for Nicotine Lovers

If you used to smoke cigarettes, you may find that using a pod device is more satisfying. Because pod mods are only compatible with salt nic vape juices, they deliver a stronger throat hit that many former smokers crave. They also allow you to get a larger amount of nicotine per puff. 


Because of the nature of pod vaping, pod mods are incredibly portable. Often, these devices are pocket-friendly, meaning that you can carry them around all day with ease. To many, this is a welcome change from the heavy, large box mods. Many of these pod mods are lightweight and very comfortable to grip for long periods of time. 


Pod mods are incredibly easy to maintain because most of the components are built into the system. Anyone who is used to conventional mods knows that maintenance can be a pain. If you don't want to have to take apart your vaping device to clean it on a weekly basis, you'll probably enjoy using a pod mod. 


Anyone who uses a conventional mod knows that these devices are anything but discreet. Besides the size of a conventional mod, the amount of vapor that each hit produces can draw lots of attention. Meanwhile, pod vaping produces far less vapor. Plus, the device is often very small. Therefore, you can vape away without drawing nearly as much attention to yourself. This is good for anyone who doesn't want to be noticed while they vape. 

As you can see, there are many benefits when it comes to pod vaping. If you're someone who wants to enjoy a satisfying hit of nicotine without the hassle of using a large, advanced vaping device, pod vaping might be what's best for you.

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