March 12, 2019

The Puff Pods Salt Nic 4 Pack 5% (Compatible) lets you enjoy delectable flavor and salt nic satisfaction like never before.  This pack consists of four pre-filled juice pods that each contain 1 milliliter of glorious salt nic e-liquid.  Available in a massive range of flavors, these pods are compatible with your JUUL device and deliver about 300 puffs each.  Each pod contains 5 percent natural, pure and potent salt-based nicotine in order to give you the satisfaction that you crave.

So, why are these pods such a great investment?  We’re gonna break down the three main reasons why these babies are a must-have if you love your nicotine salts as much as you love mouthwatering e-juice flavors.

Reason #1: You Won’t Have to Run Out to Buy a New Device

The best thing about the Puff Pods Salt Nic 4 Pack s that they’re totally compatible with a JUUL vaping device.  Many of us get started with JUUL, only to decide to graduate to something that’s a bit more affordable or customizable.  The problem is that most often, we end up having to buy a whole new vaping setup and bottles of salt nic e-liquid.

Plus, you can simply ditch the JUUL pods and use these instead.  They’re specially designed to work perfectly with the JUUL pod mod while delivering an unparalleled amount of satisfaction.

Reason #2: The Pod Flavors Are to Die for

If you thought that buying pre-filled juice pods meant being limited in the flavor department, think again.  It comes in a massive array of flavors so that even the most finicky vapers can achieve the satisfaction that they deserve.  From juicy blueberries to crisp, smooth watermelon, there’s really a flavor for every vaper under the sun.  And, of course these guys have the classics that we yearn for like mango, mint and strawberry.

What’s even better is that these flavors are made with truly exceptional ingredients.  That means that they taste unbelievably authentic.  When you vape Pineapple, for example, you’ll find yourself trying to wipe fresh pineapple juice off of your chin.  Mint, meanwhile, makes you swear that you’ve stuffed freshly picked mint leaves into your mouth.

Reason #3: You’ll Get More Bang for Your Buck

Look, most pre-filled juice pods are a bit more expensive than necessary.  Luckily, the Puff Pods are incredibly affordable, meaning that you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when it’s time to stock up.  These 4-packs are less than $11 each.  That’s about five dollars less than most other pods that are out there.  Since vaping can get quite expensive, it’s worth it to switch to a more affordable alternative.

A Nice Alternative!

If you want to save money while enjoying unparalleled salt nic satisfaction, grab the Puff Pods Salt Nic 4 Pack 5% (Compatible) today!

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