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July 14, 2018


Now that Swagg Sauce has created a line of Salt Nerd Salt Nicotine Juice, we've been able to satisfy our customers like never before. This type of vape juice is made with nicotine salts. These nicotine salts provide more satisfaction to those who crave high amounts of nicotine. 

Like all of the vape juices at Swagg Sauce, the Salt Nerd Nicotine collection consists of high-quality flavors that are made with top-notch ingredients. Therefore, you'll be able to get your salt nicotine juice fix while enjoying a ridiculously tasty flavor all day long.

Benefit #3: It Provides the Throat Hit that You Crave

The Salt Nerd Nicotine vape juices from Swagg Sauce provide you with that throat hit that you're always chasing. Many former analog smokers have struggled to get that punch to the throat that reminds them of smoking a cigarette. Thanks to our salt nicotine juice formula, vape enthusiasts can once again enjoy that deeply satisfying sensation whenever they take a puff. 

The throat hit comes from the combination of salt-based nicotine and a high amount of propylene glycol (PG). These two ingredients work together to recreate the feeling of taking a drag off of a tobacco cigarette without any of the guilt.

Benefit #2: It Comes in a Wide Variety of Delicious Flavors

Swagg Sauce is renowned for crafting unique flavor blends. We've got everything from outrageously decadent desserts to sweet and sour candies that are made with fresh fruity flavors. The collection of Salt Nerd Salt Nic juices are just as tasty as our original sub-ohm e-liquids.

Our team of flavor experts dedicate lots of time and energy to creating the perfect blend of flavors for your vaping pleasure. Each e-liquid flavor has been tested and tweaked over and over again to guarantee the best taste imaginable. As a result, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Benefit #1: It's Perfect for Nicotine Lovers

Thanks to nic salts, vape enthusiasts who once smoked cigarettes can once again enjoy that blast of nicotine whenever they take a pull. Unlike freebase nicotine, salt-based nicotine can withstand the high levels of heat that vaping devices must reach in order to produce vapor. Therefore, you'll enjoy that buzz that you associate with puffing away on an analog.

Our nicotine salts are carefully sourced for quality. We're certain that you'll feel absolutely satisfied with each and every puff. When it comes to taking care of the needs of our customers, we don't play around. 

Salt Nicotine Juice Satisfies On Every Level

The Salt Nerd Nicotine vape juice from Swagg Sauce don't disappoint. Between their high nicotine strengths and their outrageously delicious flavors, they truly satisfy on every level.

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